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Hundreds of Dniproids celebrated the Epiphany in Old Samara

Today, January 19, the Dnipro River, together with representatives of the clergy and city authorities, celebrated the Epiphany on the territory of the Novobohoroditskaya fortress and the historical-cultural complex of Stara Samara.

Stara Samara has become a traditional place where residents of the Dnieper celebrate a variety of memorable dates of ethno-cultural character. This year, for the baptism, several entertainment venues and a bath for bathing were arranged for everyone.

“All of you know that a large-scale reconstruction of Novobohoroditskaya fortress is underway. This place should become a tourist highlight of the Dnieper, and this is why we organize various holidays here, including the Epiphany. We are glad to see that many Dnipro come to this place and it is gradually gaining popularity, “said Dmytro Kayuk, Director of the Communist Party” Dnieper Ethnographic Parks “.

Residents of the surrounding area began to swim in the hole before dawn. During the day hundreds of Dniprians visited the holy places of Old Samara.

In particular, around the place for bathing, the guests of the holiday could taste a real kulis from the “Luvish Cossacks”, get lessons from the hockey game from the women’s hockey team “Queen of the Dnieper”, free-of-charge to take pictures in Ukrainian national costumes, listen to the performances of Dnieper artists and kobzars from the well-equipped scene river bank and so on.

Archbishop of the UOC-KP Dmytro Povorotnyj came to consecrate the water in the river.

“This is the holiday of the Lord’s Baptism, which became sacred to all mankind. We must remember this day and thank the Lord for having two of our Jordan – the Dnieper and Samara, “said Dmitry Povorotnyi.

Regular flights were performed by passenger buses for all those who were interested in the Dnipro River at Staraya Samara.

Patrol policemen, doctors and rescuers worked for the holidays to prevent emergencies and accidents.

Nothing was found.

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Photo by Yuri SMOLA


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